The word Yoga means the contemplation or the concentration of mind. It has other meanings such as fortune and posture. The origin of Yoga is unknown, however the popular belief is that Yoga practices originated in ancient India. There are many styles (genres) of Yoga practiced. Raja Yoga is considered the superior practice out of all of them. The objective of this website is to create awareness about Raja Yoga and entice people to practice it.

The word Raja means King and Raja Yoga denotes King of Yoga practices. It is also known as Ashtanga yoga –Ashta means eight – because it comprises of eight stages. For many generations, students learn Raja Yoga from a Guru (master) in person. Learning in person from a Guru is the recommended and complete method of learning. 

 The aim of Raja Yoga is self-realization or liberation. However, the masters simplified the Raja Yoga learning so that everybody can practice it easily and safely to improve their physical as well as mental health.