What is the age limit for doing yoga?
There is no upper age limit for yoga practice. You can start even at 30 or 60 years of age and can continue up to 100 years or more. Children can start yoga from 12 years of age.

Can I do yoga only if I am completely fit?
A young person with no known medical history can take up any yoga pose or asana. But if you are having a medical problem, consult your doctor/ yoga instructor for the yoga asanas appropriate to your health. Yoga exercises for relaxation and pranayama like shava asana, bal asana, yoga nidra, rhythmic breathing and alom vilom can be generally done by all irrespective of age and health (if you cannot sit, you can do all the above mentioned asanas lying down).

Will I have to become a Hindu to do yoga?
Though yoga and hinduism are closely linked, any person need not become a Hindu to do yoga. Yoga is a philosophy which primarily aids the spiritual progress of a person. Yoga does not involve idol worship, special deity or specific rituals to follow. God has given all of us the same body and yoga is beneficial to all mankind irrespective of country, race or sex.

Can I start yoga practice by online instructions or reading books?
Yes you can start with pranayama and easy yoga poses. When you start doing yoga you can seek help to select your yoga sequence in accordance with your age, physical condition and medical history. Start with asanas which you feel are comfortable for you.

Do I have to stop taking alcoholic drinks/ non veg for doing yoga?
As per yoga philosophy, alcoholic drinks/ non veg are to be avoided. But as a beginner you can have it in moderation. Excess of drinks or non veg diet may not give you appreciable benefits from yoga practice. If you become regular in yoga practice for some time, you may not need either of them.

Why moderation is recommended in yoga?
In yoga practice, ultimate aim is to rein in the wandering mind. You have to look for happiness inwards. Therefore, it is recommended not to be a slave of habits. Do not go overboard for anything, practice moderation in talking, sleeping, eating or sex.

What is the ideal time for yoga?
Ideal time for yoga is one to two hours before sunrise. You may carry out yoga in the evening provided you have not eaten anything for last 3 to 4 hours. It is best to do yoga empty stomach, but you can have lime juice or tea 30 minutes prior to yoga practice.

What type of diseases yoga can cure?
Yoga will harmonise your body, make your body strong from within and help in curing most of lifestyle diseases. Do not think of yoga as a means to cure a particular disease. Yoga will improve fitness levels for whole body.

Can yoga provide fitness?
Do you do yoga regularly and take care of your diet? You will be able to cope up with stress and avoid life style diseases like obesity, hypertension, insomnia and cancer etc.

How much time should I be able to spare for yoga?
Generally you should spare 30 minutes to one hour for yoga. After some time, you will feel so good while doing yoga that you will enjoy it and will forget about time.

What are the benefits of doing yoga?
Yoga is a scientific system which improves your blood circulation, tones up your digestive systems, endocrine systems, provide more oxygen to your body. Yoga benefits your mind body and soul.

What are the health benefits of pranayama?
It improves your blood circulation, is very good for heart and improves your mental health (provides peace of mind). Read more about benefits of pranayama

What are the general guidelines for starting yoga?
There are certain guidelines for yoga asanas and guidelines for pranayama which can help beginners.