About Master

Sri Guruve Nama:


As always, this Raja Yoga website is dedicated to Guru Sri Gnana Jyothi Sampangi with profound respect. Guru has been teaching Raja Yoga Techniques since 1984. He learned the Raja Yoga principles from his master, Gnana Jyothi, at the age of 14. He stayed with his master for the period of 18 months. Even though he learned Yoga techniques during his teen ages, he started practicing it after he became 40 years old as per his master’s order. He recollected the teachings of his master and practiced the entire main and branch poses (asanas), breathing exercises, Pranayama and meditation techniques thoroughly because of his amazing memory power and blessings from his master.  

Subsequently, following his master’s footsteps and his instructions, he started teaching to others. He has been teaching the Yoga techniques for more than 25 years to everyone who is interested in learning the Yoga. So far, he had taught yoga for more than million people and counting. His approach to Yoga teaching is very simple, non-religious, safe to practice, effective, and can be practiced anywhere, anytime and in any condition.  He believes that Yoga is not restricted to any religion, any place, and any region and it is common to everyone in the earth. He has given true and different meaning to Yoga teachings by encouraging everyone to practice and even made it easier by removing all doubts in it.

He distinguished himself from so many variations of Yoga techniques that are available now and he has been teaching the Yoga techniques just for the benefits of the world. Anyone can easily practice his teachings and immediately feel the benefit of it. Apart from other benefits, the main benefit that he often mentions is that in this modern life every person needs healthy body, healthy breathing (life force) and healthy mind.


He lives in his hometown, Dadapuram, Tamil Nadu, India. He has written Yoga related books in different topics.